My Yoga Journey

I attended my first yoga class when I was about 16 years old. It was an intro class for Yoga for Teens. Having never done yoga before I didn’t really know what to expect. From what I’d heard it would be a lot of stretching and sitting around… Boy, was I about to be surprised… Not only did I leave that class completely sweaty and exhausted I was also able to touch my feet with my hands for the very first time in like…ever.


I was hooked and immediately signed up. Unfortunately the course didn’t last very long as I was the only student. But during these first lessons I learnt a lot about proper alignment and yoga foundations that I would later benefit from in my home practice.


Over the next couple of years I would practice yoga on and off. When I moved to Dresden to study, I began to practice more frequently again. In my first class at the local gym the teacher asked us to do a headstand. I was terrified and convinced that would be impossible for me to do. But she encouraged me, spotted and cued me through it. Later that day I went on instagram, typed “yoga” and scrolled through the hash tag. And there they were: countless yogis doing headstands, handstands and other crazy poses I didn’t know were considered part of “yoga”.


Since I do not belong to the lucky people who are naturally flexible, Asanas which required flexibility were hard work for me and progress came slowly. In inversions on the other hand I noticed improvements quicker. I started to practice more and more at home, using youtube for online classes and tutorials.


My home practice became a big part of my life and I would spend time on my mat almost daily. Beside the physical improvements I noticed my mood lift during practice. When I’m on my mat, that’s where I am 100%. Yoga helps me to unwind, distress and recharge.


 I started reading books about the philosophy of yoga and it transformed how I looked at myself and the world around me. Walking with a sense of inner peace and acceptance for the moment without worrying about the future has been a lesson much more rewarding than nailing a handstand (even though when that day comes I’ll be pretty exited :D). 

So, why did I want to become a Yoga Teacher?

After I graduated from high school I went to Thailand for a year. There I would teach English at a local primary school. Coming from a different culture, speaking a different language and having never taught before this was quite a challenge. But I loved it. I loved working with kids, loved sharing knowledge and interact with other people.


But teaching English didn’t feel like the right fit for me back in Germany. I wanted to teach, I just didn’t know what. And then came Yoga.


When I am passionate about something, I need to tell people. I want to share what I learnt, how yoga has helped me improve my life, how yoga can help improve EVERYONE’S life.


Yoga can be challenging, it can be soothing, fun, frustrating, releasing and so much more.


Because yoga is so much than just the Asanas.

But through them we can prepare our mind to be open for everything else yoga has to offer. So that eventually we learn to take our practice from the mat, off the mat and apply it in our every day life.

What to expect from my classes:

The style I teach is called “Vinyasa Yoga”.


"Vinyasa" literally means "placed in a special way" and is often also referred to as "breath-synchronized movement". In Vinyasa Yoga the transitions in-between postures become just as important as the Asana itself, creating a flow-like movement with the breath setting the rhythm.


When creating a class you're always looking for smooth transitions between poses, letting one pose flow into the next without interrupting the breath. It's a bit like writing a choreography and challenges you to be creative - which is one of the reasons why I love Vinyasa Yoga so much!


In my classes we'll usually start with setting an intention before warming up and moving into the flow. The sequences will vary according to the level taught but I like breath-guided, creative and smooth transitions from one posture into the next. We will build some heat to strengthen the body and prepare for more advanced poses. This can include core workout and quicker movements.


Another important part of Vinyasa Yoga is Meditation. While the movement with the breath can be a kind of meditation in itself, its main aim is to prepare and calm the mind for the meditation that comes afterwards. That is why in each class we will take some time at the end to simply sit still and be.


I’m looking forward to seeing you in class!